Format date from "01.09.2022" to "1 September 2022"

In Page Design, I would like to present the date from a date column in words, e.g. instead of “01.09.2022” it displays “1 September 2022”. I am assuming that I need a new column containing a formula to convert the date to numbers & words. Is there one already / does the function already exist? Perhaps a python script? I have looked through the reference table and all previous posts in this forum, but have not found anything.

There is no built-in function for this at this point. You’ll have to build it yourself by concatenation.

Specifically, I’d use a ifs() formula. This could look like this: ifs(month({date})=1,“Januar”, month({date})=2,“Februar”, month({date})=3,“März”, … Then build your custom date column with the result of this formula.


Thanks for your quick reply. I have implemented it and it works fine.

Glad to hear that it works.

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