Full documentation of SAML options? Specific: Force encryption

Hi there,

I have set up SAML against a very smart software (Authentik), using the information on SAML - SeaTable Admin Manual. Works great!

However, I have a tiny problem with the signing of messages from Seatable towards my IDP (Authentik), but not the other way round. When I set up Authentik not requiring signatures for requests from Seatable, SSO works. However, Seatable writes into its logs that it’s unsafe to use an IDP which does not require signed communication.

However, when I force Authentik to verify requests from seatable to be signed with seatable’s certificate, which I have created according to the manual page, this is what happens:

Seatable does not seem to sign its messages!


How do I make seatable actually sign outgoing messages?

Is there a complete documentation of all SAML configuration options?

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