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Hello Seatable,
I was wondering why there is no Wikipedia entry from you.
I would like to know more about the founding history and some specs. It would be nice if you could take an evening and share the story of your great company/product :o)

Hi Rjk,
first of all, thanks for your post! We are very pleased to hear that you are a SeaTabe fan and wish to know more.

As for your suggestion: We’d love to have a Wiki page. And I’d the first one to take the time to write down our story. But, Wikipedia wouldn’t share my enthusiasm. Wikipedia is very strict about new pages on commercial products. In the eyes of Wikipedia, a SeaTable page would be an advertisement and the review team would most likely take the page down. (I am an in frequent Wikipedia author and have a bit of experience.) Wikipedia only accepts new pages on products when the product has won an award, has reached some market penetration, the company behind it has raised a gazillion dollors in funding, … None applies to us. Yet.

It may be different when an outsider writes a stub which is then expanded bit by bit. If you feel like you could be that person to take a crack at a SeaTable wiki page, you have my support!

Best Ralf, MD SeaTable GmbH

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