Get URL of File to add as a link on PDF in the Page Design plugin

We have video clips of user research we’d like to show in a presentation. As PDFs cannot show embedded videos we would like to show the link to the video, so we can click on it and see the video in a browser. I have not seen a way to access the file URL automatically in the Plus level of SeaTable.

I am not sure I understand your request. Could you provide a bit more info?

Yes, so I have video clips from user research sessions:

Capture d’écran 2022-04-25 à 11.54.35

We generate a presentation with the Page Design plugin to explain the user research findings, but the video clip is represented by the same placeholder image, with no link to the video:

Which means that when we generate the PDF, I cannot click on the video image to see the video:

I would need this image to be linked to the video, so that all people authorised can view it (either because they are members or they have view access via external link).


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