Getting error trying to open forms

I am running latest SeaTable 2.1.0 developer edition in a self-hosted docker environment.

Everything seems to run flawlessly, except when I try to open the forms dialogue. Then I get an error message:

Any clue what to look for in logs etc.?

Thank you, Andreas

Hi Andreas,

welcome to the SeaTable forum!
May I ask have you already created a form and then this problem occurs? If you have created a form with API, this could happen as some parameters might have been wrong.

Hi Karlheinz,

the error occured in a fresh&clean SeaTable installation.
Just manually created a simple base and clicked on the “Form” link.

Shall I check a database table for wrong/missing data?

Thank you!

The problem must have been in config data - although I did not fiddle around with anything in SeaTable.

But after I deleted all local MariaDB & SeaTable container data, the instance came up as expected and the “Form” link was working.

Thanks again @Karlheinz for the hint to the API-form-creation-abnormality :wink:

You are welcome. Glad to hear that it was not a bug!

Just for your information: If your team is no more than 3 users, you can use the Enterprise Edition for self-hosted for free.