Group by Year, Month, Week AND Day!

Grouping by date can mean different things: grouping by year, by month, by week…

SeaTable anticipates on this and actually gives you a really nice, inbuilt option:

This feature is not available in Airtable and is a great improvement!
(In Airtable you would first need to extract the year/month/… with a formula and then group by it… BORING…)

However, once you group a date field to group it by year, you cannot use the same field to group by quarter, month, week or day.
It would be great if this would be possible in the future!

Use case:
grouping your deadlines first by month, then by week, then by day.
…And many others. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your kind words, and yes, you are right, layered grouping doesn’t support multiple layers of dates. This should certainly be a feature request!

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