Help formula to get together text separate by _


i need to create a formula and get 4 columns together, but what the beginning I want to insert “_” but i don’t know how to do that.

i inserted the formula to get the fields from columns.
“{N_OPM}& {Instalação_sap}& {SAP_ID.N_Painel}& {nomepdf}”
And i the end, I need something like this “12345_text text_e12345”

Sorry for my English
thanks for all the help

Hi @andreven , and welcome on the forum !

You were almost there ! You just need to add your character as you shown in your message:

{N_OPM} & "_" & {Instalação_sap} & "_" & {SAP_ID.N_Painel} & "_" & {nomepdf}



thanks for the help just work fine.
i try to add like i write but i only put one &.

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