How to Configure Column Type using API/SDK?

First, I create a column with a ColumnTypes.DATE using Python SDK.
Then I would like to insert a row data in that created column using Python SDK.
But I got “Internal Server Error”.

Thereofre I try to open the table in browser and try to choose the date format as shown in this below picture:
Screenshot from 2020-12-23 17-16-45
After that, I try to insert a row data again and success!

Therefore I would like to ask, how do I chose the date format using Python SDK not manually from website?

I also encounter a similar problem for a ColumnTypes.SINGLE_SELECT. I have to create the option first manually from website before I can send any data. How do I make the option using API/SDK?

We will look into the issue. Currently creating columns via API/SDK have a problem.