How to create a Recipe database?


i’m quite new to SeaTable. I have installed the Developer Edition in my homelab and started creating my first bases.
One of the things i wanted to try out with SeaTable was a recipe database.The idea is to gather “the good recipes” from within my family (like my mother or parents in law). I’d like to use the webforms, which i think would be the ideal way to do it.

I have started creating a base and some tables. My first tables are

  • Recipes with the columns Name, Ingredients (Is a link to another table) and Description
  • Ingredients with the columns Name, Amount and Unit

With these two i stumbled upon the fact, that you cannot create child rows within a web form. That means that i have to create the ingredients first, and then assign them to the recipe (is that correct)?

The reason, why i want the ingredients to be in a separate table is to have the ability later on, to create shopping lists out of it.

Is there in general a good template for my idea? What do you think about my approach?

Thanks and BR,


I suggest you create two forms, one for entering ingredients and one for entering recipes. When you need to input a new ingredient, you can use ingredient form. Then in the recipe form, you can select the newly inputed ingredient.

The other way is sharing the base and let users use the base directly.

Hi Daniel,

thanks for your response.

That would mean, that you have to use two different Forms. I guess you cannot integrate a child form into the parent form?

How can i model the ingredients and the amount? currently i have to add a ingredient row for the combo ingredient, amount and unit.