How to increase limit for adding columns in dtable

How to increase the limit for adding columns in seatable dtable? It is importing only 10000 records.

Hi regulan, I assume you are using the community edition? Currently the importing limit is 10000 records per import. If your file has more than 10000 rows, the only solution would be to break the file up and import in series.

You also asked about adding columns, I guess you meant row? However, in one single table, there shouldn’t be more than 500 columns and 500,000 rows. And these limits shouldn’t exceed the row limits in your plan, in case you’re using the cloud version. Details are here to see.

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Hi, i am also using the community edition and i uploaded a huge table by mistake. Now it is there, but everything is completely blocked, i cannot write and not even erase the table i accidently uploaded. I actually do not need to update my plan from what i actually want to do, but now it looks like i have to only to be able to erase the table? Cheers, Sophie

Hi, I don’t quite understand your post.
Did you import a .dtable file or an Excel file, or a CSV file?
Did you upload it to create a new base, or to create a new table, or to update data in an existing table?

Mind the difference between “base” and “table”. By “erase the table” do you mean to delete the newly created table, or base, or updated table or base?

And by “huge”: How many columns and how many rows? And how many rows do you already have in your old table/base?

Be clear and others can help you!

Hi Karlheinz, thanks for your quick reply.

So i have a base with several tables. The table i mean has more than 25000 records and was imported from an Excel file. The table we really use has 420 records, and there are some other small tables.
I want to keep the base and small tables, only erase the huge table, but i cannot: “You exceed the limit of your plan. You can either reduce the rows used or upgrade your plan to have full access again.” But i can’t find the way to reduce rows, i can not write or erase at all. Not the whole table, not a single cell.

I see, thanks for the explanation.

When importing an Excel file, no more than 10000 records will be imported. So in your case, 10000 rows + your current rows exceeded the 10000 records limitation in the Free plan.

Deleting another base won’t help because this one single base already has more than 10000 (theoretically, 10420) rows.

Technically speaking, the only solution now is to upgrade to a paid plan! But I see you also have contacted our sales support. Maybe my colleagues there can offer you an alternative solution. Good luck!