How to make comments panel visible

Hi there,
when having comments in a row, a small icon with the number of comments is visible in the first column. When clicking on the icon, a comments panel appears on the right hand side of the screen. I find this panel very usefull!

My question: how do I make this panel visible when there is not a single comment made. The first time you would like to make a comment, there is no comment icon visible in the rows ofcourse. I would like to make the comment panel visible but I can’t see how. Other then expanding the record, enter a comment and closing the expanded record.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple button to make the right hand side panel visible?
Am I missing something, or is the panel only useable after the first comment?

(I’d rather let my users use the right panel then expanding a record and typing a comment.)


Hi Peter,
you can open the comment panel by means of the row context menu. Right click on a row and select comment row. The comment panel will pop up. The panel will also remain open until you close it.

The interesting thing is: When you click in another row, the contents of the comment panel is updated for the new row.
Does this answer your question?

Yes this does answer my question. I totally missed the right-click on a row. Perfect!


Apart from the right mouse key menu, there’s also a keyboard shortcut to open the comment panel.

When your focus (the blue square round a cell) is on a cell, press Ctrl+’ to open the comment panel. If you are using a German keyboard, use Strg+Ä.

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