How to reduce attachment quota size in Seatable Cloud


we have a simple dtable with some data and a few attachments.
The dtable was set into read only mode, and shows that the space limit is exceeded.

Space used / Space limit
2.1 GB / 1.0 GB
Row used / Row limit
347 / 2000

Summing up all the attachments (in Attachment Management) and the size of the raw json export I don’t get close to 1GB.

What could cause the size, and how can I reduce it?


Hi Henrik,

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The space used is calculated over ALL bases in your team. Could you check if there is another base in your team that occupies quite a bit of storage? As team admin, you can actually do that yourself: Click on the avatar, choose “organization admin” and then navigate to the menu item “Bases”.

Also: Please clean your trash. You can also do that in the “Bases” menu in the organization admin. Just pick the tab “Trash” and then click “Clean” in the menu bar.

There was another base, that was shared with me, but not part of our organization.

I did remove it and emptied the trash before, but nothing changed.

How is it now?

If you are using the SeaTable Cloud - The bases are saved in a different server than the interface, therefore when you remove a base or empty the trash, the storage calculation could take 15 minutes or up to 1 hour to update.

Hi Karlheinz, no changes so far.


So this is really strange. Are you sure you have checked this with all the bases? As even when you have deleted a row with attachments, its attachments are still saved in the base, which can be seen in the attachments management.

There is only one base, and I went through all the folders. There are 56 files, two with 9.8 MB, the others below 1MB. We upgraded to a paid plan for now, but it would be really good to understand what is going on.

We have received your email. Glad to hear that you have upgraded to Plus!

We are looking into your case and will answer to you asap.

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Problem is solved.
It took some time for the cronjobs to recalculate the values after old bases were deleted from trash.