How to sort a related records column?

In a base we are linking work dates with workers. In particular, each person is related to multiple records, each record is for a specific day. Currently, in the related column we see only the first few days, but we’d rather see the latest dates first.

In other words, how can we sort the shown related boxes such that the most recent appear first?

Moreover, when adding a new related item, it would also help to sort the proposed records in a different order.

Thank you.

Hi andreaTL.

I’ve been commenting another post here and had the thought this might be the solution to your problem. If you create a new view on the linked table where all the dates are stored, and sort it to have youngest date at the first place, the cell in the main table will sort all related entries the correct way.


Have a look at Per View / Form Column Sorting - #2 by AkDk7.

Am I right?

Thank you very much for your suggestion! It seems this has solved the second part of my question, namely how to sort the suggested records with the latest first.

This is extremely useful. :smile: Now I am wondering if there’s a way to see the related records in the cell with the latest first… like C, B, A in your example screenshot (I am seeing C, A, B on your screenshot).

Hi @andreaTL.

I’ve tried it again and I might be wrong with my advice. It seem the sequence of the items is based on the order you added it. This could be a bug.
Or it could be a feature. I would like to have it ordered by the setting of connected the table or view. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry.

No problem, your suggestion was still useful!

Linked records are ordered by sequence

I can confirm that entries in the linked column are ordered by the sequence they are linked.

That means, no matter how you sort Table2 the sequence of “003”, “002” and “001” will not change.
In the case of “Hulk”: “003” was added first, then “002” and finally “001”.
Currently, there is no way to change this sort.

Use “Findmax” to get the latest or earliest date

a possible solution would be to use lookup “findmax” to get the latest dates from the linked records. Here is the example:

This is Table2:

This is Table1 with findmax column:

This is how the findmax is configured:

This is probably a solution to your requirement.

Best regards

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