Identifiying blank values

Hello everybody.
i need a formula like this:
if({Verkaufsdatum} = blank () , “fehlt”).
i want to indentify emtpy values.
what is the equivalent of “blank()” in seatable?

greetings Thomas

Hello Kubus! Welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

You can use the exact() function to identify blank cells. Have a look here:

You can certainly integrate the exact() function in an if statement (or an ifs statement).

Is this what you need?

You can use if({Verkaufsdatum}, "", “fehlt”). If Verkaufsdatum is blank, fehlt will be displayed.

Hi rdb.
i think this does not work because {Zukaufdatum} is a date field. I get the error message Inconsistent data types.

Hi Daniel.
Thanks for the solution.