Import in SeaTable from Excel or csv File

We need to import data from our XRM system to SeaTable and we do this intially with a CSV import.
I am still struggling with the procedure for importing elements that end up in SeaTable as multiple selection fields, but which have a comma in the element in the individual entries. Or a special character.
For example
Column = Category
Values = “Web Design & Programming”, “Programming / Development”, “Online Marketing, SEO, SEA, SEM”
How do I get a clean import into SeaTable for this content, where these three values are also transferred as “separate” entries and not, for example, the last one is split into 4 values.

Bye Thomas


When saving the CSV file, please select what should be used as the separator.
If, for example, the comma is set as the separator, “Online Marketing, SEO, SEA, SEM” will be separated into 4 parts.
Select semicolon as the separator, for example, and “Online Marketing, SEO, SEA, SEM” will be recognized as one value.