Import Table from Excel xlsx removed?

I am wondering if Import an Table from Excel xlsx has been removed in V1.6 and only import a CSV is available? I have currently no V 1.5 on hand to check but If I remember it right there was a xlsx import option available.

There is no such a feature before. But it will be added in v1.7

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Hi Daniel, thank you very much for the Info and good news that this will come up in 1.7, it seems that i mixed it up that this feature was already implemented in a prior version.
Is there a estimated date when 1.7 which will have a lot of great new features will be available?

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You can convert an excel file to a csv file and then import. What difference would it make to import excel files too? Or this feature would be beneficial for non tech people?

Some formats like date, number will be automatically converted to the corresponding format.

@mtmail It should be released beginning to middle of February 2021. In other words: Very soon! And you hit the nail on the head when you say that 1.7 will have a host of great other new features in store.
@Arjon It’s not obvious, but there is a difference between XLSX and CSV import!
An Excel workbook can contain multiple worksheets. The Excel import imports all of them in one go into a new base.
The CSV import can only handle one table at a time.

Seatable‘s development is really exiting and fast moving forward, thank you to the crew, I am curious to see V1.7 in a couple of weeks…

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