In statistic, it goes blank when i choose linked field

Hello, I have crated a linked formula in the view and in statistic , when i choose it, my page goes blank.


Hi, based on your screenshot, I think you are using a self hosted installation. May I ask which version?

You can visit your {{server_address}}/server-info to see the response like this:

Hello @Karlheinz I am using version 2.4.0. yes, self hosted.

I cannot reproduce this error. Please send an external link or an export of your base to our support, just like I have just replied you in the other post, if it’s OK to share the base with us.

Did you find a solution to your problem? Are you still encountering the problem?

Hello @rdb thank you. I delete the base and recreate a new base and the problem is gone.

Very good! Glad to hear.

Could you kindly mark this topic as solved?

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