Increasing speed - docker or rds?

Hi, my team have created a task manager app using seatable, we basically use seatable as database and used a react.js for the UI but its really slow, we checked and it seems like the reading and posting from seatable is a little slow, i want to know if we migrate to docker could make it go faster or is better to make a copy o the table is RDS (postgre)? !

As you may read im not the tech expert in the team, so I aprecciate all comments and suggestions

Thanks for the help!

You need to provide more information:
1.) do you run SeaTable on your own server or do you use SeaTable Cloud (
2.) if you self-host SeaTable, which version and edition?
3.) how many users do you use your task manager app with? (a handful, a few dozens, > 50)
4.) what do you mean by “migrating to docker”? SeaTale is docker-based! Please specify.

Thanks for the response, these are the information:

1: We use

2: We currently dont self host it

3: We have about 10 users using it, and there are 384 records on the table using as a database

4: About migrating to docker I was reading it was possible to put our seatable account in a docker image and maybe add some RAM to speed up, just not sure this will work.

Ok, this is important information.

The API’s reply from should be super fast. What makes you think that reading and posting to SeaTable “is a little slow”? Our bases contain much more data than yours and we don’t encounter any performance issue.