Instant change of linked values

Hello, I have a 2 tables which has a linked value.
As shown in my attachment, i have a value in “table 4” and it is linked to “Table 5” and displayed using linked formula.
and I try to link back the displayed value back to "table 4 " and re display it in “Table 4” as shown in my attachment.

When i change the initial value to 100, i realized that all the linked value do not get updated automatically.

the value get updated only after i click on another table , and return to table 4.

It will be great if all the linked formula get their values updated instantly when the original value is changed.

update of linked value

I don’t understand the use case. In “Table5”, you look up a value from “Table4”. Then, in “Table4”, you look up the lookup value in “Table5”. I don’t understand why you’d want to do that.

Hello @rdb , for example , I have a table of invoice, and payment receive.

i would like to knock off payment against invoice.

So i have a “customer” table which show the claim balance and i would like this claim balance to be shown in “invoice” table to avoid over knock off invoice.

I am not sure, maybe there is a better way of contra invoice against payment.

I am not sure I understand. Maybe somebody else does?

So let me ask you this: Where do you record payments? An invoice might be paid in installments. So you’d need a separate table for payments which is in a N:1 relationship with invoices. Wouldn’t that resolve your problem with this back-and-forth lookup?

hello @rdb I have classify the table as following:

  • invoice table will record all issue invoices ( that is items sold with price ).

  • receive table will record all payment receive by customers. Sometimes payment receives is different from invoice total as customers will make overpayment or short payments.

  • Customer table will have details of all customers and their total purchase ( invoice ) and their total payment ( receive ) and balance for outstanding payment. ( total invoice minus total receive ).

However, from customer table, we can only see net outstanding amount from each customer instead of understanding which invoice is yet to pay. Therefore, i have created a check box ( “Claim” ) under Invoice table to deduct off from total receive for each customer.

I am trying to produce something similar to this video using seatable.
Since we do not have offset formula, I am using checkbox to indicate manually which invoice is paid.