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Today I found Seatable on my search for a GDPR compliant alternative for Airtable.
Also found ninox but the possibilities are really limited.
Seatable looks like a perfect fit for me!

A lot of my use cases use Airtable as a Database and Webflow for a Website. I connect the2 via integromat.

I use integromat over zapier as the easier to use, european integration service.
Is there a plan to support integromat in seatable?
Can I already start on using integromat with seatable?


Hello @hamburgTable,
first of all, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!
And yes, according to your description, SeaTable must be your perfect choice over Airtaboe or Ninox. We are glad you found us!

Talking about automations/integrations: Unfortunately, SeaTable is not listed on Integromat yet, although you can already find SeaTable on Zapier. We are working on it, so that you can find SeaTable on Integromat soon. At the meantime, you might be interested in the SeaTable API and Webhook - though they require some programming work…

What features you already offer on zapier?

  • Make new record
  • Update record
  • search
    Comparable to airtable?

Hi! SeaTable offers quite a handful of possibilities on Zapier. I don’t have a list of the functions in my document, but have found some information on the SeaTable page on Zapier. I suggest you give it a try, as to see if the possibilities we offer can meet your need on Zapier.

If anything’s missing, let us know! As the SeaTable API and Webhooks are quite complete by now, I believe we can always find a solution.

Thanks @Karlheinz ,

Is there already a timeline for integromat?
I would prefer the European Service over the American due to the GDPR reasons which brought me to seateble.
If this is month away I will have to look in your API and try to figure out how to set this up.

@cdb can you comment?

@cdb Would be glad if you have good news here.
Europe Software should connected to Europe software for GDPR reasons .

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Hey hamburgTable,
I already started with the implementation of an integromat app for SeaTable but didn’t finished it. Right now there are other topics in our focus but there will be an integromat app in the future. Right now I can not tell you when.
Best regards

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A quick question. In Zapier the only trigger from Seatable is the creation of a new record, is that correct? (not updating a record or other events)


Hi Peter, happy new year!
Your finding is correct. Yet, we are actively working on the Zapier plugin. We will release an update shortly. The new plugin will be able to do much more. Stay tuned!

We updated our zapier app to a new version. Now the app offers more actions and triggers and is more robust. You can rename columns, tables or the base and still your zap will work. Try it out.

n8n is also a great tool for automation, wish it works well with seatable

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Some news for the current schedule with the Integromat integration: There will be one, and it is already in testing. This will take about one to two months.

For integrating n8n + SeaTable please see the dedicated forum thread, @ben, it is also gaining traction and make sure your vote counts (if not yet) over in the n8n community.


Hey everybody,
good news: the integromat SeaTable App is now available. Register for free at and try it out.

In addition I already wrote a short article about six possibilities to automate various marketing processes. You can find it here:

Best regards

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