Internal Server Error (500) - List Rows

I am trying to list a table with 7000 rows using “List Rows” module (API endpoint{tabe id}/rows/) and I get the response: “error_message”: “internal server error”.
When I delete 2000 rows and I have a smaller number of 5000 rows, it is working.
I know for sure that before it worked with this larger values because I tested with values just below 10.000 and it worked.
Could you please let me know the possible issue?

Thank you.

The API call “List Rows” only works for tables with a maximum of 5.000 rows. When tables have more rows, the API call is automatically transformed into an SQL query and sent to dtable-db. This change was introduced in SeaTable 3.1 because the API call turned out to be extremely expensive.

We’ll check the issue.