"Internal server error" when saving bases (cloud version)


Today I noticed that once again I can not save base. I get the following message:


SeaTable auto-saves bases upon editing. This works. In other words, I could not reproduce your problem.

Or did I misunderstand your problem?

For the efficient processing of requests on our end, please describe your problems as precisely as possible. This means, kindly provide the following information when posting a behavior that you think is bug/problem:
a.) SeaTable Cloud or self-hosted
b.) if self-hosted, which version
c.) browser used
d.) exact description of action producing the problem
e.) screenshots (whenever helpful)

Hey Michail,

  1. the current situation
    sometimes it happens that on cloud.seatable.io it is not possible to “Export bases” and SeaTable quits every export with “interner Serverfehler”. I am sorry for that. Now it is possible again.

  2. how to fix this if this happens on a self hosted system
    the fix is quite easy to detect and to fix. In the dtable_web.log you can see the following errors:
    [ERROR] django.request:228 log_response Internal Server Error: /api/v2.1/workspace/939/dtable/NAME-OF-THE-BASE-TO-EXPORT/export-dtable/
    Just restart SeaTable with “docker exec -d seatable /shared/seatable/scripts/seatable.sh restart” and the problem is gone.

  3. why does this happens
    right now we don’t know. But we will investigate this problem and fix it as soon as possible.

Best regards

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Thanks for the detailed answer CDB!

Today it works again. Conclusion: Try again the next day. But how do you know that something is wrong?

I don’t know if that helps to clear things up:
In the past, the message in this case was “The server is busy. Try again later”. This time it was “Internal server error”. So I was worried that it could be something more serious.

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