Issue with DTable export via API

Hello everyone,

I´m new to SeaTable and have a little Problem. Maybe someone can help me out.

I try to export a DTable Content via a api, so i can parse the DTable content in an application for automatic computations. I found this api documentation here.

As far as I see the workflow I have to use the “Export DTable” interface (api/v2.1/workspace/<workspace_id>/dtable//export-dtable/) to get a task_id and a dtable_uuid, which I can use than for the " Get Export Content" interface. The first step works perfectly fine, the second one returns me a 404 Not Found response.
I checked the status of the task_id and discoverd that the task is finished immidiatly after I created it over the “Export DTable” interface. Is this correct? I assume that the task should be not finished and can be used to export the DTable Content, before I can Cancel the Task by myself over the api.
I asume that the 404 happen because the task_id is alread finished when i ask for the DTable content with the finished task id, but the response does not tell me excactly the origin of the issue.

My Question: Did I misunderstood the way how to export the DTable content via api or is this indeed a problem with the task_id?

Thank you for your help!


Do you use a self-hosted one? Can you try if exporting via web UI can work?

By the way, why not read rows in a base via API directly, instead of downloading the exported base and parse the content?

Hi Daniel,

thakns for your response. I try this at the moment at a NOT self hosted environment. Over the WEB UI i get my export without any problems. If it works there, maybe I understood the API wrong?

Also good point with the rows, I will try if this fits to my usecase to get all values from a specific column.


Hi Steffen,

welcome to the SeaTable forum! Did you solve the problem? Let us know if there’s anything else we should do.


Dear Steffen,
Do you really want to download the content of a base as a total or do you want to get access to the content of a table?

There are two points I want to make:

  1. if you want to get an easy way to copy the content of seatable to another application, then might be a good solution for you: With zapier it is super easy to check for new values in a base and then execute another action like a webhook or an action in another application.

  2. if you want to use the api to get the content of a base then the “export” api call is not the right one. I can provide you with example code how to get access of the data of a base.

Best regards