Issue with local instance

Hi there,
I have issues when uploading .dtable files on a locally install instance (latest build) - I keep getting the message ‘server is busy’ when trying to upload - the file seemingly looks as though it’s been uploaded successfully but does not open.

Here’s the file

Have no issue when uploading on your hosted instance.

Any ideas?

Hi Gustav,

welcome to the SeaTable Community Forum!

I speculate your server configuration is not correct.

Do all other functions work? Can you

  • import CSV files
  • create sharing links (and do they work)
  • upload pictures into file/image columns?

Similarly, does your broswer support long-text fields?

You can also post your configs here (please remove/anonymize passwords and other confidential info.

Hi Ralf,
thanks for your quick response. Yes all other functions work - Overall I’m really enjoying using seatable - as I said CSV import, creating and sharing links image upload and long text fields all work perfectly. The issue seems to be limited to .dtable files
I sadly don’t have access to the config and logs - I’ll discuss with our admin on monday.


Hi Gustav,

great to hear that you enjoy using Seafile! When you ask your admin, please also ask him which SeaTable version you use.


It’s you latest release - I’m sure about that. He installed the latest version last Wed.

Just wanted to say that this seems to be a general issue. I’m having trouble exporting as .dtable also on a test project on

To be sure we created a completely new project. I get the error “Der Server ist ausgelastet. Probieren Sie es später erneut.” - exactly the same error I’m getting on my local instance. All other exports and functionality works. The issue only arises with .dtable export.


Hi Gustav! I confirm the problem on the production system. It is weird because it works in the test system. We’ll investigate.

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Hey Gustav, I heard from support that the problem was identified and fixed. Want to try again?

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YES it seems to be fixed. I can download as .dbtable and the file is perfectly OK.
Thank’s so much - That’s just as good as gold service !
Keep it up and pass on my thanks to your devs :smile: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
Cheers Gustav


Hello Ralf,
I´m a colleague of Gustav. Would it be possible that you could provide us the fix? Currently we have the Image Version 1.2.0 installed.

Cheers Peter

Hi Peter, we’ll release version 1.3 soon. The fix will be included in there. Please give us a few days!