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this question will be a follow-up of this topic : Can't find way to script a link update - #16 by Ben

I’m stuck with a stupid javascript issue at the moment and I can’t find a way to solve it.

I really don’t know how to iterate through the rows of a table and to compare them with a linked field.

The linked field gives me a string like U3dh and I need to compare it to a name field with a defined field.
You can refer to my previous example and I can explain it more precisely if that’s not enough.
What I need to know is how caxn I get the rowID of the linked field in the linked table ?
Like the row_id of ‘Lara’ in table ‘People’, when I’m refering to user Lara in the linked column Trainee from table ‘Trainings’

That’s above my level…
any help welcome.

At the end, I’ll provide my whole table and code as an example of interaction between tables !

There are very good javascript tutorials out there.
Here you can find something on how to work with arrays and loop over arrays: Javascript Tutorial

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I get your point.
sorry for the disturbance

Okay… Seems like my help isn’t appreciated.

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Not at all,

I’m currently on your mentioned website, trying to sort this out.
I know that I lack javascript knowledge, and here is not the place to ask for JS training.
I’ll do my homework and try to solve this issue by learning.
no offense taken and you helped me already a LOT.

I’m just a sole padawan ^^

EDIT : I get loop and arrays. but comparing a array ref like UFDFfz1f31 and the real name value is puzzling me

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