JSON error when exporting a base on a Docker installation

I am running a Docker installation and having issues with the export feature. The installation has been upgraded today to the latest version (3.2), but the issue was already present before and it’s still here.

First of all, I have changed the file size limit to a very large number, to avoid issues on this side.

While checking the log, it seems that the base cannot be exported due to a JSON error:

2022-10-27 11:54:08,280 [INFO] Run task: 1666864448279 <function get_dtable_export_content at 0x7f5b066c7200>
2022-10-27 11:54:08,280 [INFO] Start prepare /tmp/dtable-io/64629667-ad03-4dee-aad6-7e20c191c70f/zip_file.zip for export DTable.
2022-10-27 11:54:08,281 [INFO] Clear tmp dirs and files before prepare.
2022-10-27 11:54:08,281 [INFO] Create content.json file.
2022-10-27 11:54:08,437 [INFO] Create asset dir.
2022-10-27 11:54:09,441 [ERROR] create asset folder failed. ERROR: the JSON object must be str, bytes or bytearray, not NoneType
2022-10-27 11:54:09,441 [ERROR] Failed to handle task 1666864448279, error: create asset folder failed. ERROR: the JSON object must be str, bytes or bytearray, not NoneType

How can I fix this issue? Thank you.

Do you have this problem with a base with a small number of attachments?

The base is currently holding approximately 400 image files, with an average size of 300 kb each.

Your response does not really answer Daniel’s question.
Do you still have the problem? Do you have it with just this one base or all your bases?

Apologies for not understanding the question clearly, I am not a native speaker.

As @rdb kindly clarified, you folks requested that I try to export different bases and also a base with a small number of attachments.

I have tried to create:

  • a new base with one table, 1 column, 3 rows and no attachments
  • a new base with one table, 2 columns, 3 rows and one attached picture

As a result, both bases were exported. I still cannot export my original base.

Hence, the error occurs on 1 out of 3 bases, unfortunately it’s the only base I need. :grimacing:

I hope this answers what was asked, thank you for your help.

Is there any other information I shall provide in order to debug this issue?

Thank you in advance.

Please post the output of your browser console.

You can also send the ID of the affected base to support@seatable.io.

Here’s the browser console. It does not say much, except that the call ended with a 500 error.

We checked to see if the response gave any output, however there is only the error message.

As stated in the thread, this is a Docker installation that has been set up using the official installation guide. I am not sure if we can reach support via email and what is the “ID of the affected base”.

Thank you.