JSON properties getting lost?

When I query Seatable data through n8n, sometimes I don’t get back all the data.
Mainly I noticed it with false booleans, they are checkboxes that haven’t been interacted with.
Once I check and uncheck it, it gives back the property with false like expected.

Is the integration over at n8n causing it, is Seatable causing it, or is that expected json behaviour to loose a property that is false?

Any hints are welcome!

For checkbox, if there is no such a property, it is false. You can find more information at: Data structure - SeaTable Programming Manual

Isn’t there a way to force all the columns to be there in the output as a property?
Or will I have to first query if there is the property and then use the value.

Cause currently I get undefined in JS for the non-existent property that should be false.
And I can only set the default for a checkbox to checked, but my default is unchecked.

Just trying to get the best way of using my data and not having to do two checks before I use the boolean. Maybe I’m missing something?

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