Kanban view crash when i click on "age"

Hello, i use datedif formula to calculate difference between today and date of birth. It works in table view.

however, in kanban view, whenever i change the switch to on, it crash… Is it only me or there is a bug in the plugin.

Thanks for the report. We’ll have a look and come back to you soon.

Hi, I couldn’t reproduce the problem.

If it’s OK, please forward an external link, or an export of your base to support@seatable.io. Also include the current version of your installation (version number and edition).

@Karlheinz send you a message, you can try out… the are dummy data that i key in yesterday for testing…

Got it. I’ll give it a look and come back to you soon. Thanks.

Did you find a solution to your problem? Are you still encountering the problem?

@htoolin I assume you did not answer because the problem has been solved/disappeard. If not, please comment.

Hello, problem is solved after i update the plugin…

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Great, glad to hear that!

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