Limitations of DE

I know this has been asked before, but I still can’t understand the actual differences between the various editions. Are there some limitations to the DE (which is what I have installed on my own server)? I read that it has no limits to the number of users, rows, table space, etc. from this:


So, is it then about the frequency of updates or some other features that the DE would be missing in the future?

Currently, developer edition can have a maximum of 200 websocket connections.

So, that’s 200 concurrent users… Other than that, no difference, right?

Other difference is features. DE has features similar to the free plan of the cloud version, which EE has all features:

You can find the feature comparison in Prices | SeaTable

Yes, I have seen that… That’s why there is a small confusion… The free cloud versions says:

  • 10,000 lines
  • 2 GB for files
  • Up to 25 team members
  • 1 month versioning

But the DE version has no limits on the number of users, storage/files and rows if it is installed on your own server. So, it is not too clear… May be these:

  • Versioning
  • Unlimited Python runs
  • Advanced sharing permissions
  • Advanced customising
  • Automations
  • Archive function
  • Payment by bank transfer

are the only feature differences then between the DE and the EE?

The difference between DE and EE is


  • A maximum of 200 websocket connections

Features (functions):

  • Advanced sharing permissions
  • Automations
  • Archive function
  • LDAP/SAML and other advanced single sign on support

Ok… That’s very clear… Thank you!

To add on, DE does not allow for granular user permission settings but EE does. My use case we are building the platform for production printers and screen printers, the order entry team, sales team, and billing teams. It’s a lot of complex workflows and views so we need to lock down the software very tightly by role. DE didn’t allow for this but EE does so we updated.

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