Limits of Activity Log


what are the limits of the API endpoint “Get Base Activity Log” (aka. operations)? When trying to query it some time ago I found some 1900 pages in our base (in the service). Today I only find 1196 pages. However the docu states “there’s no time limit to this log”.

Is this related to the 5000/day-limit for API calls? I was expecting a HTTP error like 402 or 429 in this case. But I can query the same page 1196 again and again.


Do you use self-hosted or cloud?

We use the cloud service.

Ok now the question tackles multiple things. Let me try to clarify:

  • the API endpoint “get base activity log” is capable showing all entries that are stored in SeaTable. There is no time limit or any constraint at all.
  • but the activity log is cleaned occasionally by our system administrator. This is necessary because otherwise the database will be huge—and I mean gigabytes of data.

Here is how long we keep the different elements in

  • operation log (=changes inside a base) for at least 14 days
  • activities (=visible on the home page of SeaTable) for at least 30 days
  • notifications for at least 30 days
  • snapshots depending of your SeaTable Subscription
    – Free > 30 days
    – Plus > 6 months
    – Enterprisefor > 12 months

Thanks a lot for this clarification!

Could you add (or link) this piece of information along with the api-limits from the Admin-Manual to the Activities section in the API-Manual?

Knowing all these limitations is really necessary when building something on top of the Activities endpoints of the API.

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