Link to records, filtered by a condition based on the value of another record

Hi everyone !
I’m very new to seatable but used to Airtable from which I want to migrate because I’m not able to achieve the following thing:
I have a table for objects I call “bundles”. In these bundles, I have a “hardware” column related to a table, an “accessories” column related to a table and a “product family” related to a table and used through all these tables.
I’d like to be able to filter the “accessories” column by several criteria:

  • the accessory should have the same product family than the selected hardware (in the previous column)
  • the accessory should not be attached to a bundle
  • and some other filtering options which are easy to setup (like “working order”).
    It’s barely impossible to achieve in Airtable without scripting and I’m pretty sure it’s a simple thing that could be very useful in many cases.
    Thanks a lot for your help, and if wonder the subject behind these table names, we are just a french retrogaming association trying to manage an inventory of our goods.

After trying to use linking formulas and filters, it appears I need to filter records of a table by a value (or several) equals to the same one in another table.
In other words, I need to filter, in the “bundles” table, all “accessories” with the same “product family” (and other filters) than the “hardware” I’ve chosen in the “hardware” column (still in this “bundles” table).
When I chose to create a bundle with a Playstation (hardware), I want to be able to add only compatible accessories (or games) to this hardware. These accessories should not be yet in another bundle and should work (a simple checkbox). So the list I will use should be already filtered otherwise it will be very difficult to chose among thousands of accessories and an error could happened very often.
If it can help to understand my need.

Welcome to the SeaTable Forum.
I read your posts twice and did not really understand what you are trying to do. Sorry.
Since a image says more than a thousand words, could you visualize what you are trying to achieve?

I’ll do that as soon as possible !

Very fast done, here’s a fake schema of my database.

What I try to achieve is : when I create a bundle, and when I have selected an hardware for this bundle, I want the list of the accessories to be restricted to the ones that have the same family than the selected hardware. I don’t know how to draw that… I hope it’s self explanatory.

Maybe, what I’m looking for, is a dynamic list in a linked records column, where a value inside a table equals to the value in another table.

I just discovered the ability to write scripts… maybe I should try ?
In this case, it means to populate the filtered list of accessories, in a view or directly into the linked records column

Hi there,

If I understand the original problem correctly, I have the same problem / request.

Here is an example of a simple company, contact, offer - relation.

In the last table the column “Contact at Customer” should be pre-filtered depending on the content in column “Customer”.
So in the example I would like to have the options pre-filtered to Company A, so I can only select Person 1, 2 and/or 3.

Any chance that this feature will be added eventually?

BR Paul

What you try to do it currently not supported. Sorry.

Yet, I suggest changing the data model. With a different (and imho smarter and cleaner) data model, you don’t need the feature.

Specifically, this is what I would do:

The database design:

The tables:

As you can see in the table “Order”, I lookup the customer name from the table “Company”.

And the cherry on the cake: When creating a link between contact and company, you can use the company name to filter the contacts. In the screenshot below, I enter the company name and the wizard only displays the related contacts.

Thanks for the suggestion, that works and I will implement it like this for now - it does feel like a bit of a workaround though. :slight_smile:

Because I see two disadvantages:
In my original structure I could choose the company first and limit it to one company per offer but still link two or more contacts of that one pre-defined company.
Now if I want to allow more than one contact I could (by mistake) choose contacts from different companies. Which in my case isn’t crucial and will be noticed, but also not bulletproof, in my opinion.
Furtermore, when choosing multiple contacts of the same company, the company name is linked several times according to the number of links I created with the contacts.

Feature request:
For the “link formula” column an option would be nice to consolidate/condense(?) multiple entries if they are the identical. In this case show “Company A” only once in the row of “offer 2”.

Original issue solved (for my use-case), thanks!

@daniel.pan The current roll-up summary methods are all of the numerical sort (concatenation being the exception). Are there any plans for such a “consolidate” summary method to handle string data?

Removing duplication when showing entries in linked records is a niche need from my point of view. We don’t have such a plan yet.

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