Linked Formula displays wrong values


I’m having the issue, that a linked formula show entires, that are not in the linked columns.
The entries “therapeutisches klavierspiel” and “buchstabenkreis” are not listed in the source table. So they should not be displayed here…

Settings of the Linked Formula:

Source Maßnahmen:

Source Förderungen:
You can see, that under the at the first screenshot displayed value “bustabenkreis” there is no entire here

Any ideas, why this happen and how to fix this?
I tried copy the row, this doesn’t help

best regards Nico

Hi, this is really weird! As we cannot access your base, I would rather suggest you do the following to see if it solves the problem for the moment:

  1. In the first table, add a linked Maßnahmen here:

  2. Remove the link, and see if the “Angebote” will also be cleared.

If this solves the problem, you can do the same for the other row. If this problem happens again, we’ll probably have to get a copy of your base (of course you’ll delete sensitive data before sending us).

Hey Karlheinz,

thank you for your reply. I tried your suggested solution, but the entrie does not disappear, after deleting the “test-Maßnahme”.

I sent you the password via PN.

Greetings Nico

Thanks, I’ve got your PM. I’ll have a look and come back to you soon.

So I’ve had a look to your base:

  • Angebote is a link formula column, which retrieves data from the records linked in the Maßnahmen column;
  • Maßnahmen is a link column, which links to the Maßnahmen table;
  • In the Maßnahmen table, each Maßnahme is linked in the Leistung link column to an Angebote in the table Förderung.

Is this correct? So I have done the following:

  1. Delete the Maßnahmen column (but I noted all the links before doing so)
  2. Create a Maßnahmen column and link it to the Maßnahmen table and establish the links again
  3. Refresh the page
  4. Open the Angebote column’s “Custom column type” menu and configure the link formula again, like this:

So far so good.
But then I see something strange: My result is different than your screenshot, although the links in the Maßnahmen are the same:

your screenshot:

my screenshot:

In my version, although the Maßnahmen is linked to Maßnahme 0002, 0011 and 0012, the same as yours, my Angebote has two items less than yours: the Unterrichtsbegleitung and Buchstabenkreis. I think mine is the correct one! And - my rows 7 and 8 are empty. There are further differences in the other columns, but they should be discussed separately.

No idea why this is happening, but I guess, you might have changed the link formula and link column configuration a lot since you have already entered some data. That shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s worthy of finding out. So this base has been forwarded to the development for further investigation. As soon as there’s any news, I’ll come back to you.

In the meanwhile, you can do the 4 steps mentioned above to solve the problem for now. Let me know if this helps!

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Hey Karlheinz,

your solution worked, thank you very much!
Its rigtht, I tried a lot of things, because i am new to programs like seatabe, but its helping me really much!

What do you mean with “diffrentences in other columns” ? Anything I have to mention about?

Greetings Nico

Hey Nico,

glad to hear that the problem has been solved for now, you are welcome!

My screenshot is different than yours, not only in Angebote, but also in Vergebene Std and Freie Std. Can you check if these are also correct?

yes, they are correct too !

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Hi @Nico , I come back to your post today to inform that our developers have analyzed your base. The reason of the problem was that, some rows in the table of the intermediate level of your links were deleted, but the linking relationship is still there. So that the rows within this link are still displayed, although the link shouldn’t exist any more. This is due to an imperfection, that the links were not automatically deleted when the linked rows are deleted.

Since SeaTable 2.3, this bug is fixed. When a row is deleted, its links are automatically removed. I hope this could finally solve the issue for your base!

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