Linking over different tables

Hello, I am new to databases and Seatable and have browsed the forum realted to the question but did not find a solution.
My problem is, that I have 4 tables. In the first I have customers. To each customer I have a country where he is located (Table 2). In our company we have sales guys who operate in a specific county (table 3). So these three are linked together over the countries table.
Now I add a fourth table with orders from a specific customer and I want to know the sales guy who is responsible. How can I do that? By the link formula I get the country, which is easy by the customer link.

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This is a good question and, of course, here is a solution for your it. An easy one in fact.

Before I get to it, let me first visualize the relationships between your tables. (This may help others to understand your problem and the solution.)


If you want to look up data from another table that is linked, you use the link formula column type. The column’s wizard makes it really easy to specify the lookup value.

The formula column type has one limitation though: You can only look up values in directly linked tables. That is why you can lookup the country in the table Orders. This data piece is taken from the table Customers which is directly linked.

If you want to display the sales guy in the table Orders, then you need to look up the value from the table Customers too. How? Just look up the value from the table Countries in Customers! Then you can look it up in Orders too, because the info is available in a directly linked table.

OMG so easy and works perfect. Thank you very much for the fast help. :star_struck:

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