Logs - New limit - Only 1000 entries


I am not a big fan of this adjustment.

For databases in the field of GxP , e.g. Pharma this is a huge set back for the use of SeaTable in those areas.

And even for regular non regulated uses of SeaTable it would be nice to check the original content for a data field at any time.

The logs are raw operation logs that only have meanings internally (for example, adjusting column width, adding a filter). The logs are designed for data recovery when the system crash and restart.

For user level tracking, you can use the activities log.

Adding to @daniel.pan’s comment: SeaTable 4.0 does not change

  • the scope of logged activites,
  • the max. number of log records, and
  • the retention period of the log.

The new limit is merely relevant for the display in the frontend.

The base log is only retained for a limited period of time. When the operation log is cleaned - the intervals vary between SeaTable Cloud, SeaTable Dedicated and SeaTable Server - all entries in the base log older than the retention period are removed. This has not changed since SeaTable 1.0.

Thank you very much for the clarificaton

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