Lost some files while recovering a backup. Can I still find them in my backed up data?


I just recently had to recover a backup (which I did have, thankfully) in our semi-production DE Seatable.

Everything worked great except I lost some files on the process. Like, they are shown in the rows, but if I click on them I get an Asset file does not exist error. I also couldn’t find them or download them in the Attachments management (they don’t show up there, actually). I tried restoring a somewhat recent .dtable (or find them there) I had around but couldn’t find them either.

Other files (more recent, for some reason), however, do still remain.

My question is if it would still be possible to find them somewhere inside my backup (maybe somewhere in /seafile-data/storage so I can reupload them manually. Or should I consider them lost?

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Please explain what your backup included. Check Backup and Recovery - SeaTable Admin Manual
Did you saved and restored the SQL-dump, the seafile-data, seahub-data and storage-data folder?

  • For me sounds like the seafile-data folder was not restored correctly. Can you check that?
  • Did you changed the server url during restore?

My backup included the 3 .sql dumps and a copy of /opt/seatable/seatable-data/seatable as per the backup manual recommendation. No URL change during restore.

It didn’t matter a lot in the end because we thankfully had copies of the missing files in other bases, and those were kept.

Maybe there was something wrong with the seafile-data backup copy, but I can’t really tell. I only keep the most recent backup (storage constrains) so that is what I’ve got. Maybe it was corrupted, or something happened during the rsync (or the second rsync I use to save everything in another machine).

Is there a reasonable way to know which files are which inside the seafile-data directory? I guess they are inside seafile-data/storage, maybe inside fs/ or block/, but I looked up some of those filenames in the database and found no matches.

It’s not a big deal because, as I said, we thankfully had those files in other bases and we were able to recover them.