Merge two tables

Hello everyone,

Is is possible to create a new view or something like that to combine two tables like SQL JOIN? We would like to use it for reporting.

Thank you in advance.


do these two tables have the same column headers?

If yes

You can duplicate Table A, and export Table B to CSV. Then go to the duplicated Table A and select “Import data from CSV”. So that the data from Table B is appended to the duplicated Table A. This solution is immediately usable.

If no

In an upcoming version SeaTable 2.1.x, we’ll implement an SQL Plugin. With this plugin you’ll be able to make SQL queries. This version will be released before the end of this month!

Sorry - just got the information: the new SQL plugin will not support JOIN yet. I hope your tables have the same headers so that you can use the CSV solution!

Thank you very much for your answer! I hope that the new JOIN Feature will come soon.

The two tables in my case should have a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship.

The SQL plugin will be part of SeaTable v2.2 due in July. Give us a little more time. But it’s worth the wait! :wink:

With SeaTable 2.1, which will be released soon, there will be an API request to carry out SQL queries, which means although the SQL Plugin is not available, you can already do SQL queries per API in 2.1. Unfortunately, the JOIN method is not supported yet.