Messy validation

I have 2 tables, one named lessons and another named slides.
The slides table has a formula column named “Slide OK?”. The formula returns true if both conditions are met:

  1. Checks if there is only one file in the “Slide Info” column.
  2. Compares the number of files in the “Slide Assets” column to the integer in the “Sections” column.

The lessons table has a formula column named “Slides OK?” that compares the integer in the “Number of Slides” columns to the number of linked records in the “Slide Entries” column.

I need to make a new column in the Lessons table that returns true if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The value in “Slides OK?” column (Lessons table) is true.
  2. The value in “Slide OK?” column (Slide table) is true for all of the linked records in the “Slide Assets” (Lessons table) column.

How would I go about achieving number 2?

I see different options. A quick one could be this: Make a rollup (link formula column) and concatenate the values in “Slide OK?” from the linked fields. Have a formula check if the resulting string includes “false”.

Thank you this does exactly what I needed.

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