[Minor Issue] New 'link formula' field is not using row height for wrapping

This is a not a bug but only a minor issue, still it can probably easily be improved in future versions. As the title says when you use the new ‘link formula’ field and it returns multiple entries from another table it will not make use of the row height available (double, triple, quadruple) to wrap the entries to multiple lines but lists all of them in a single line.

You are right! Thanks for letting us know. This will be fixed hopefully very soon.

You’ll really like SeaTable 2.1 :wink:

I’m answering here (representing some other topics) to express my excitement to get my hands on the freshly coded v2.1 and all the new features and bug fixes you have addressed. Thanks for staying on top of your game and your responsiveness towards your user-base :rocket:

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SeaTable 2.1 is out !

Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty! :wink: