Month and date are changed when copying date string

Dear support,

I noticed the following bug: When I copy dates from a string column containg dates (in format: to a date column (format:, months and date are reversed (see attached screenshot). Invalid dates (because months must be 1-12, of course) are not copied at all.


The same happens when I change the columnd type from string to date.

Would be great if this could be corrected. Otherwise, I love Seatable! :slight_smile:



Seatable on premise (docker) ver 2.8

It is caused by date format. We will check the issue.

Great - thank you! On thing to add: If I set the date format to “German style” and enter 01.12.2022 (which should be Dec 1st, 2022) it becomes 12th of January 2022:


Happy to wait for the bugfix. :wink:


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