Month function doesn't consider the Format settings

Good evening everybody !
While working on the idea from Meng of a special column to determine if an event will happen next month or not (see Meng’s post bellow), I found something strange (and, I guess, buggy) : the month function from the formula form doesn’t consider the format setting of the date column.

For example :
I have a Date column with, on first row, 09/10/2020 (in European format).
Here are the results of the formula month({Date}) depending on column format setting :

  • ISO (2020-10-09) > 10 :slight_smile:
  • US (10/9/2020) > 10 :slight_smile:
  • European (09/10/2020) > 9 :frowning_face:
    I guess it’s no big deal to correct this, and it’s not really hard to get around the problem neither, but I just wanted to let you know !
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Hi Benjamin, thanks for reporting this bug which I confirm.