More advanced colours

I’ve spent a few hours today playing with SeaTable and am blown away by how customisable it is, really great job SeaTable team! I definitely see myself replacing our current system with this in the near future.

One feature I think can be improved is the use of colour. So far as I can tell there are only two ways to colour something:
1. Based on the item selected in a single select column, which just colours the item in that column
2. Based on a rule or set of rules for a row, which just colours a stripe at the beginning of that row.

What would be nice is a way to set colours at the column level. For example I will have a project table with a status column. The status is a formula that works out the status based on some various conditions then displays Complete, In Progress or Pending in the column. It would be nice if I could set a rule on this column to colour the item based on what text it contains, so it appears the same way a coloured single select would.

Another nice feature would be if a linked formula could display the colour of the item it is linked to. For example I have tasks in a task table and in a project table I show the status of those tasks using a linked column. They all just display as grey, rather than the colours they display as in the task table. Just having an option in the column settings to inherit colour would be useful I think.

Are there plans to add more colour features? If these are already available features then I’m sorry, I did spend considerable time today and swear I couldn’t see a way to do this! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, thanks for your kind words. We appreciate very much that you are enjoying SeaTable!

And you are right: There are two ways to see colors in the table view:

  • The conditional formatting, which puts a color stripe to the left of a row;
  • The single/multiple select options.

However, as we always encourage our users here on the forum, SeaTable is a new concept, with many possibilities to overview your data. Kanban view is one of them.


You can try the Kanban view out - and see if it can meet your requirement. In the meantime, I’ll certainly list this as a feature request.


Thanks for the quick reply @Karlheinz. I’ll take a look at the Kanban plugin and see if that is suitable. Cheers.