More choice for primary key like formula or foreign key

Can foreign key be the primary key? It’s useful when design inherit table or multi-layer quote.

I found this in lots of similar products like vika or hipa cloud, they allow you set formula or foreign column as primary key, so I wonder if seatable have any plan on this feature?

Great work BTW.

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There is no need to use formula as the first column.

  • If you want to display a different column other than the first column in cells of link column, you can choose another column in the linked table to display.
  • When you choose rows to link, you can search rows by multiple fields, not only the first column.

Thanks for the reply, but you didn’t get my point.

Yes I can choose another column, but can’t choose the linked column in the linked table.
Yes I can search rows by multiple fields, but can’t search from the linked column in the linked table.
Even if I convert the linked column to formula column, still, I can’t search it.

I’m using version dev 2.7

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Actually, I don’t understand what you mean. Maybe a screenshot can help.