Moving Existing Base From "My Base" To "Group Base"

Hello ,

When I test out in early days, I create a baes under “My Base” as shown in picture. However, I would like to add another admin for the base and require it to move to Group Base.

However, as the file size is huge ( greater than 500mb) , I am unable to export the dtable for reimporting in the group base. May I know if there is anyway i can move it? or can i remove the file size limit?

Hello, since 2.4.5, the system admin can set the base export size limit.
Go to system administration → Settings and scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the configuration.

If you want to move the base to a group you can also do the following:

  1. Copy the base to the group (Use the base menu->Copy)

  2. Delete it from your “My bases”.

If you just want to share it with another user so that they become the administrator of this base, too, you can use the “Share” dialogue and share it to them with read and write permission.

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