Moving rows by drag&drop not working anymore

Since we have upgraded to v1.7 DE (self-hosted) we cannot move rows around anymore. The little hand icon appears as before but then you cannot drag&drop the row. Just nothing happens. This is with Safari (macOS). Cross tested in Firefox where you can actually still move the row somehow but the indicator line that would show you where the row would be placed is not showing anymore, making the move operation a guessing game. Also the row is not following the mouse once grabbed but just ‘reduces’ itself strangely until you let go of it which drops it pretty randomly somewhere.

This seems to be a major bug. Can you please have a look into it?

Hi, we have already tested this feature before the release and have not found such behavior. However, the test was executed in Chrome browser.

The behavior that the rows are “reduced” when dragging is an intended behavior, as a part of the improved UI. So that the user can have a better overview of the row’s content while dragging it. It should be a nice experience when everything goes well, though…

In Firefox, sometimes the reference position (the red line) is not shown, but the row should be in the right place after drag&drop. So there’s no “guessing” necessary. But if the rows cannot be moved, perhaps the sorting is activated?

We didn’t test it on Safari as SeaTable doesn’t really support Safari. For the same reason, problems in Safari are not considered as bugs. We recommend you using Chrome browser or the latest Microsoft Edge browser which has a Chrome engine. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hmm, all I can say is that this was working flawlessly across al browsers in v1.6 and now the user experience in Firefox is vastly degraded (while still somehow manageable) and completely broken in Safari. Chrome Browsers are horribly bloated resource hogs and spyware on top, therefore not an option in many corporate environments.

Sorry to see that this was backwards ‘improved’.

Thanks for your openness. We’ll certainly look into this.

Thank you! Always appreciate your quick response time and open ear for the community!

what about using a chromium alternative ? I’m on vivaldi for now, great app