Need help for reporting

Hello i have adb with 3 table. Main table is “transaction” table, where i have:
a column with client name(which is searched in naother tabel)
a column with product name (also seacrhed from another table) which is sold
a column with product name (also seacrhed from another table) which is returned
a column with quantty
a column with toal (price for unit*quantity)

This my job, i produce everyda a number of different food box…some go to a client, some go to another clients and son
Also everyday those client may return some of this boxes
I Basically i never have anything in stock…what is pdocued goes away, what is returned go in bin

This table is quite simple(At least it seems)
Complexity comes out when i want evaluate data
I might need to see per Client…all the product sold, all the products it returns, and have a % between the two for every single product
8 sushi has been sold 2 has return…for this client this product is returned by 20%

This on a monthly basis

Alsoi want to chck regardless clients…all the product sold and returned for every single product

of course incoming calculation, overall, by client
…similar thing

I am stucked at moment of producing thi graph…
any help?


Hello @stefanocps.

It is quite hard to understand what the result should look like when you only say you want to have a graph…
Since you seem to have a table with the clients and all the referenced transactions you could create views for each product by grouping or so.

before of how should like my concerne is how to gather data in the correct way

SeaTable gives you the possibility to just store any data you like, of course.
I’d start with storing all the simple data and then beginning to reference between the tables.

In database theory you will start having a few tables with all kind of entities, doublet records and so on. Then you have to normalize these huge tables multiple times to simplier versions. After that you can recombine them to reduce the redundancy of the data. Only after this step you should think about working on graphs.

i have done this
you think is not good to start?

No, looks good I think.

yes i think so. I don’t know how to organize what in db is called query. So that giving 2 parameters, month and client for example, i gett all the sold and return from this client and percentage of sold/return. and of course same for other query i might need. I am blocked a this point as i don’t know how to realize this here

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