New User - Formula to find all corresponding values

Hi, i´m currently testing SeaTable in hopes of getting my team to move away from Excel. I testet Airtable before but dropped it because of the weak printing features.
So far i´m really happy with how my test is going, but i found myself blocked by a problem:

Our main Product are the tables containing Project and product information.
I can print out the whole view as i please, wich is great.
Now i need to be able to make product sheets containing more specific data. These product sheets contain multiple products (eg. a light and a lightbulb), wich share the same ID in column A.

Basically I want to Print by grouping the Items, but i already read that thats not possible.
Next option would be to filter the view to contain only one id at a time, but i cant ask my team to do that hunderts of times per hand for each project and every time we need new information.

Next idea was to have a second table with the unique IDs from the first table (I coudnt find an automatic way to do the list of IDs, but i can remove double entrys). Then have a formula collect all the products, that share the same ID. Sadly i didnt get it to work so far and now im stuck.

Hopefully there is a way to do it .
Thank you very much for your help.

Have you tried the page design plugin? You can create a data sheet template which you can customize as per your requirements.

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