No email notification settings

I’ve got a fresh install of 1.7.0 developer edition.
Everything works but I don’t have any way to set my email notifications, as described here : Tracking items on a project, calendar considerations and project management - #7 by Karlheinz

Are there users that have this menu ? What’s the url and where is it located, what am I missing to get it ?
@daniel.pan might be my hero ??


You can find it in the personal settings page:

Nope, I don’t have this menu in my personal settings.

See the complete menu that I get in personal settings :

@daniel.pan , I’m totally willing to help to solve this issue.

Hi @daniel.pan
still not available in Seatable 1.8 selfhosted Dev Edition.

Maybe it is blocked by your browser extension?

Do you confirm that it should be available in my personal setting in 1.8.0 developer edition ?
I’ve tried with various browser without success, same in mobile

We will give it a check again.

It’s solved in 2.0 ! setting is finally there :slight_smile: