Notification only one time


I have set a notification, if a date comes near a deadline. Now I’m getting the notification every day.
But I need it only one time.

There is no option to make an automation only trigger once. Sorry!

This said, there is no need for such an option!

Please proceed as follows:

  • Add an checkbox column to your table. (You can also use a text, single select, … column, it does not really matter.)
  • Add an automation rule
  • Configure your automation rule to check a.) the date column and b.) the checkbox column - if the checkbox is checked, no action is triggered
  • Configure your automation rule to a.) send a notification and b.) check the checkbox column

This way, the notification is only sent one because the checked checkbox keeps the automation from being triggered multiple times.

This way, you can also set up a stage notification system. The second notification is different from the first.

Important: This solution only works with SeaTable Cloud Enterprise because automations are required.

Hi, I have something similar to what you need. I get an email 1 week prior to the deadline and a second automation that sends me an email on the day. Here you can see the automation for one week prior to the deadline. The check is daily at midnight but only sends an email if the condition of start equals in one week is met.

“Start” is the name of the date column

I am assuming your “Eintrag nahe der Deadline” option is your special creation?

This event is only available in the notification rules, not in the automation rules.

Ah right. All the same, an email sent is also a form of notification. :slight_smile:

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