Notification sent to users how are not members of base or group

Today some of our customers that are not members of a base or even the group to which a base belongs did get notifications about new comments from even this (completely unrelated) base. This is a very concerning bug as many of the informations shared with our customers fall under NDAs. Can you please have a look at this and fix this as soon as possible.

I have the suspicion that this might maybe be related to duplicate/copied bases that are moved to other groups?!?


Hi, are these bases (or this base) copied or shared to the group?

If copied, then this shouldn’t happen, as after copying a base to a group, the original base and that copy in the group are two separate bases.

If shared, then this could happen, as shared bases are the same base, they just appear in your base library and the group at the same time.

If you are not sure which of the above, try change the name of the base and refresh the page and see if this change happens both in the base library and in the group.

I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. The base was in one group (and shared with some users there ofc), then copied to another group and shared with different users (after modifications). There is no overlap of shared users in both bases. As double checked via the sharing menu (of both the bases and the tables). The names of the bases are completely different and they are not in the same group. Even stranger…the original base was copied from a group which the users who received notifications are not even members of.

Can you share a screenshot about which notification was received?

Maybe you have a notification rule in the base that send notifications to row creators, and the row creator is copied from the old base.

Another possible cause is that the base is no longer shared to a user, while the user was shared before. In this case, if the user was a participant of a row, any new comment to the row will send him/her a notification.

I cannot provide a screenshot but the notification is the standard message one would receive when a new comment was added to a base/table (which was shared to you). There are no notification rules in either base.

While I cannot 100% be sure that the user who got the notification was not a shared user in the original base at one point I’m almost certain he wasn’t. What would you qualify as a participant to a row?

Either way the expected behavior when copying a base (for example to use it as a template for a new project) would be to not have any ties to the original base in regards to notifications and permissions, no? And even if shared users where transferred over, from the moment the users is removed from the base he shouldn’t continue to receive notifications. In the copied base the specific user isn’t and never was (as far as I can tell) a participant/member/shared. I double checked in both share menus (from within the base and the dashboard) as well as in the users tab of the system admin page.

The participants are shown here:

It is not cleaned when copying a base.

I just checked. The base that is/was sending notifications is ‘clean’ in that regard.

I just wanted to make sure how you “copied” or “shared” these bases:


As “share” and “copy” are two different things. After going through the rest of the posts here, I think you have “copied” the base from one group to the other, right? So the new base and the old base have different names and different content?

Exactly! Base was copied not shared.

To make things even stranger (maybe this helps you to find the bug), the person that is writing the comments in the “new” (means copied) base is not showing up under participants (like in your screenshot) at all although he has posted comments (just a few pixels above). Something is really messed up here. In the meanwhile customers start complaining about the random notifications from projects. This is rather embarrassing for us and I have no idea what to do to stop this!?

Edit: I think I have found a workaround fix. In the rows that are sending rouge notifications there was my avatar visible under participants (although no comment was written). In rows that didn’t send faulty notifications this was not the case. Now I removed myself from the participants list and hope that this madness stops. Also my persona was in there with an old avatar and obviously linked to a wrong persons from other bases. I’m quite positive this will fix this for now as I was able to track down to those specific columns by investigation. I will report back.