Notifications only activate once

Just testing notifications on a table. I set the notification rule to react when changes are made to entries in a specific table. It reacts once when I make changes just after saving, but not when more changes are subsequently made. Am I missing something here?

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To answer your question, we’d need more details. Maybe a screenshot of your notification rule?

Hi Karlheinz,
Thank you for your quick response. Screenshot attached. I am currently on a free account (if this is relevant, perhaps).

OK, so I see: when records are changed, the selected collaborator should be notified.

Next questions:

  1. Which values types are changed? Because when you change “Link to other records” it’s not considered as change in the current record…
  2. Which notifications are expected? Because email only comes if you don’t read them in the base editor, and the emails are sent hourly. One further pre-condition is, you have allowed email notifications in your personal settings.

There are a series of text fields that are primarily entered first in this table (e.g. course name). There are also date fields with date as the column type. Also, if a row is deleted or added, I would like to know where. One collaborator added a field and I got a notification. But any subsequent entries he made were not notified.

Another query: Is it possible for the colour of a row to change automatically if changes have been made?

Thanks for your answer. I see, when your collaborator changes the values in a row, you will only get a notification for the first change. We’ll have a look!

Change the color of a row by changing is currently not possible. But it’s a nice idea, we can take this as a feature request.

Thanks Karlheinz. I would be happy to be used as a tester. You can write in German or English to me.

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There is a 5 minutes threshold for notification of row changes.

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I thought that might be the case.

So this is not really a bug, I guess? The 5 minutes interval is not configurable, because frequency notifications could be a minus to the user experience.

Couple of things I noticed:

  1. There is a change log, so can see who changed what.
  2. Even where multiple records are changed, the notification only applies to the first one.